Many thanks to all who have said such good things and supported Effluent Services.

Hi Richard,

You were recommended to me by my sister who said you offer a wonderful service. I was soon to find out how true this was. You not only took the time to explain how Septic Tanks work but exceeded your duties by mediating between disagreeing neighbours over a shared Septic Tank with a happy ending. (Good to know that it is now working efficiently and has been properly cleaned) My heart felt thanks go out to you.

Kindest Regards

Margaret Thomson


At 1015 I rang you to say I had a problem, at 1050 you were here amazing service!!.
I appreciate your honesty in explaining all the options I had available to me when we looked at my tank. I consider myself educated, I will see you in 2 years and as I have told all my neighbours about your professional service I hope to see you round my streets in the future.

Greg Liddy


Dear Richard,

Thank you for your service, and for “educating me” regarding my septic tank system.
I had no idea that you would have to dig out a cubic metre of soil at 7.45am on a foggy winter’s morning – thank you.
I am now looking for some ‘risers’ that will fit my tank, so you won’t have to do this next time.
As I told you, I contracted you because I had read and kept a copy of your “Septic Times”. Next time you are producing this, please phone me [as] my company would be pleased to support you with an advertisement (you have my business card).
As a ‘townie’ moving to the countryside, I had asked in the purchase & sale agreement for the tank to be emptied, mainly because I didn’t want someone else’s poo in my tank!
I had no idea how it really should have been done, and it’s obvious to me that it wasn’t done properly and that since being built the filter had never been cleaned.
Thanks again – I’ve learnt a lot and now understand how the whole thing works. This is something one doesn’t understand when sitting on the loo doing a poo!
The power of advertising is through “word of mouth” and the company you work for now has a convert.
We do business with many companies in your industry [of whom I could have called any one] or I could have just picked up the Yellow Pages.
I’m sincerely glad that I rang Effluent Services and that it was you that came to help me.

Thanks Richard, Sincerely

Trevor Hickmott


Good to see someone in the industry is attempting to set some better standards around the place. Sounds like greasing, but we needed the shake-up. Keep up the good work, we’ll be watching your progress.

Hey, love the web site!


Hello Richard,

Have visited your website and find it very informative and professionally constructed.

It certainly seems that your industry is progressing into the 21 century, and that you are “Setting the standard” All owners of septic tanks will no doubt benefit.

Please book me in for a tank clean. See you soon.

Joe B.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the cleaning job today. It is good that we after 3 years in this house know now that we have a two-chamber septic tank in a good working order. Both previous cleaners told us that it was a very old small tank and due to renewal. It was nice talking to you during the job and afterwards. Thanks again.

PS your web site is very informative. Great.

Please book me in for a tank clean. See you soon.

Matt and Janneke

Hello again Richard,

We are very grateful for the wonderful work you have done in cleaning our tank this morning. Not only is it nice to know there is still good service available, we both enjoyed the time you took to explain what and how the septic tank worked. Also, we are impressed with your taking the time to make everything so clean and tidy when you finished. Thanks and hope to see you again soon.

Peter & Anna-Maria

Hi to the Effluent Services Crew,

What an informative site ! I’ve learnt more about my loo poo disposal than both my Pa and Grandpa ever knew together. And now that your crew have my septic disposal problems all sorted and things are smelling sweet again, I can enjoy life with the knowledge that the future of my effluent disposal is now always to be taken care of by your team Richard.. very many thanks,

Gerald and Janet

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