Procedures and Policy


Effluent Services highly values the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities. These Environmental and Health & Safety Policy’s establish principles to protect and advance our Company’s essential interests nationally and to fulfil our commitment to people and the environment. Protecting and responsibly managing our operations are critical to the quality of life in the areas we serve, the environment and Effluent Services long-term business success.

Effluent Services is committed to continually improving standards of environmental protection and environmental workplace health and safety, and has developed policy to this end. Concrete strategies are in place, with more planned for the future, to translate these principles into action.

It is our policy to strive to ensure that the risks to human health and safety from work activities for which we are responsible are properly controlled and managed, in order to reduce risks associated with work to the lowest level that is reasonably practicable.


Effluent Services management is accountable for systematically administrating environmental and occupational health & safety risks, opportunities and impacts as an integral part of daily business. Employees are accountable for understanding and incorporating environmental and occupational health & safety responsibilities into their daily work activities.


Effluent Services is constantly setting goals and assessing performance to continually improve environmental and occupational health & safety results that contribute to our business success. Through working together we are capable of enhancing environmental and occupational health & safety performance.


Effluent Services promotes open dialogue and informed decision-making through meaningful communication of environmental and occupational health & safety information with employees and customers.


Effluent Services promises and guarantees that the level of service and workmanship are unsurpassed within industry confines and that there is NEVER an option of compromise in achieving a customer’s requirements.


Effluent Services respects an individual’s right to privacy in regard to common decency and in accordance with the Privacy Act.

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